Zuper Four

3 08 2010

Zuper Four is here!

  • Stay for four (4) consecutive days, pay only for the first three (3) days.
  • Your 4th day – FREE!

Zuper Saver! Zuper Choice!


Why pay for what you don’t need?

7 05 2010

Have you considered thinking if you are actually getting your money’s worth everytime you check in in a hotel? Consider these.

Oftentimes, you would not notice that the published rates of some hotels do not necessarily include the other charges that you will have to pay when you check out. And one of those is the so-called, “Service charge”. We see it at the bottomest of the billing statement. Unless you enjoy wading through the hotel pool, or immerse yourself in one of their spas, things you don’t need to make that important meeting in town, or close the deal with a client, which you are made to pay, whether you use them or not. And they are not that small really. Service charges ranges from as low as 0% to as much as 30%! Figure this out. If your total hotel bill amounted to Php4,797.00 for a night’s stay, a 30% service charge should amount to around Php1,107.00! If you are a busy travelling businessman, and who doesn’t find time for leisure in between meetings, that’s a lot of wasted resources.

There are some hotels that charge reasonable service charges and there are some that do not. So, the next time you browse for a hotel in the internet, ask for the details of charges, so you may know how much you would be spending before making the reservations.

Azotea Suites keeps tabs of this. That’s why, the hotel charges only a minimum of 3% service charge, which include things that you actually need and use. And, it’s inclusive in all their published rates. What you see is what you get, and pay for. See you!

Wellness. Pleasure. Your Choice.

1 05 2010

Welcome to Azotea Suites‘ Site. We are committed to bring you a whole new hotel experience that’s within your budget and meets your needs. For business, leisure, wellness and pleasure, Azotea Suites fits you! And it’s your choice!